Launch/close a bunch of macOS apps just with 1 shortcut or click!

  • Open many apps just with shortcuts (or with button in the menu bar)
  • Define in which position and size apps' windows will be launched
  • Hide launched apps and other cool features

Create group of apps - Workspaces

Select which apps You want to open in this workspace, set apps' positions, define shortcut for workspace (to open and close it). That is all - Your apps are ready for to launch!

Open Workspaces just with 1 shortcut or click!

Use shortcut or button in the menu bar, and WorkspacePro will open all apps of workspace and set their positions and sizes for You!

Edit Workspaces

If You want to edit already created workspace, just go to Edit section and change name, positions or shortcut of workspace easily!

Configure other cool settings!

If You want to force terminate apps if they do not respond, hide launched apps or create new instances of apps if one is already running, then You can set this options in Settings section in 1 click! .